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Media Reports

Newspaper articles:

Sunday Times article ‘Through a lens, meaningfully’ discusses David Harris’ work

  • David Harris explored the use of his own creation, coloured lens glasses, when he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. He carried out the lens test on himself which proved to be beneficial for eliminating the visual distortion that often arises in many multiple sclerosis individuals. He found that the coloured lens glasses aided dyslexics due to their ability to restrict light which allowed visual information processing to be altered.

Sunday Times 23-6-02 Article

Mail Online article ‘The boy whose blue-tinted glasses have allowed him to read properly for the first time’

  • Tom Heaffey is a bright 18-year-old with a string of good GCSEs who wants to be an architect. Yet just three years ago, he was virtually illiterate and predicted to fail his exams.  Remarkably, his life has been transformed by a pair of blue-tinted glasses, which have enabled him to read properly for the first time.

The Daily Mail Article

You also watch Tom’s Story further down the page.

The Journal article ‘Eight-year-old Mabel gets glasses to combat dyslexia’

  • An article in the local newspaper as part of Dyslexia awareness week in 2010 which prompted a phone-in on Radio Newcastle.

The Journal Article

You also watch Tom’s Story further down the page.

Bury Times  August 23 1991  Lee is Looking to a Bright Future

T & A  September 1st 1993 – Features  “I was told constantly that I was stupid and not trying”.

7th July 1994  Nursery World – Special Needs  “I can see Clearly Now . . .”

Yorkshire Evening Post  3rd October 1995  Students Put Their Future in Focus

Easter Daily Press  February 7 1996  Parents launch Support Group for little known sight defect

Cambrian News  4th April 1996  Days When sunlight was the Enemy

Evening Leader Monday 28th 1998

Southport Visitor, Learning Zone  February 28 2003  Help to Weed Out False Messengers


Radio programs:

The Dyslexia Research Trust was founded in 1995 by Professor John Stein (Magdalen College, Oxford) and Dr Sue Fowler (an Orthoptist who specialised in children’s visual reading problems at the Royal Berks Eye Hospital, Reading)

BBC Radio 4’s programme “All in the Mind”

  • BBC Radio 4’s programme “All in the Mind” included an interview by Claudia Hammond with Professor John Stein and Tim Fowler, who designed the DRT garden for the Chelsea Flower Show in 2010. The programme interview is accompanied by photographs of the garden, some by courtesy of the Royal Horticultural Society – others by associates of the DRT.

Listen at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=54Y3ntPGA_k


Personal  experiences:

A young person’s experience of visual stress and how coloured lens glasses have helped her.

Kara Tointon

  • Best known for her role in Eastenders and winner of Strictly Come Dancing, has shown her personal experiences as a sufferer of visual stress. The youtube videos below show the documentary enabling us to envisage various parts of her story and how she dealt with the condition.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Tom’s Story

  • An intelligent 17 year old with visual stress and how coloured Lens glasses have helped him.
You can read his most recent story at the top of the page too!

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