A resource to centralise information about the screening, assessment and provision of coloured lens glasses in England.

Providers of Coloured Lens Glasses

Looking for providers of Coloured Lens Glasses?

There are many providers of coloured lens glasses. If you wish to search for the location of provider of coloured lens glasses then look at these links below. Once on their website, you can navigate around to discover further information about the provider and their glasses. Unfortunately, apart from university students, there appears to be no funding available.

If you feel children should have these glasses funded then consider signing the Government E-Petition

We in no way recommend or endorse any one particular provider of glasses and costs may vary.

Bradford University Visual Stress Clinic or telephone 01274 234649 (Bradford)

Cerium Visual Technologies or telephone 01580 765211 (clinics nationwide)

Chroma Gen or telephone 01280 702 002 (clinics nationwide)

Dyslexia Research Trust Eye Clinic (They prescribe yellow and blue tints) telephone 01865 282660 (Oxford) or 0118 958 5950 (Reading)

Institute of Optometry – Society for Coloured Lens Practitioners or telephone 020 7403 8007 (London)

Irlen Centres no central phone number available. (see link for details of clinics nationwide)

Keyes eyecare or telephone 01912 847361(Newcastle upon Tyne)

OmniRead or telephone 01344 874124 (Surrey)

Society for Coloured Lens Prescribers no central phone number available. (see link for details of clinics nationwide)

Vision In Learning or telephone 01376 320 419 (Essex)

If you are a provider of coloured lens glasses and would like to request your website is added to list please email priscilla.harries@brunel.ac.uk

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